Barns and mountains...

It's easy to get spoiled, living within reach of six of the highest peaks in the Cascades, all of them standing high above the surrounding mountains. The jewel in the range is Mount Rainier, which I can see from just about everywhere, every day. My old farmhouse once had a view of the mountain, before the trees in the valley grew too tall.

So it's only natural that I'm just a bit addicted to barns with a mountain in the background. It's where I would have built my farmhouse and barn, given the chance.

Recently I found several barns on the Enumclaw Plateau with Mount Rainier in the background. And that reminded me of this gorgeous broken gable barn in Parkdale, Oregon... with Mount Hood in the background. I love how the roof of this broken gable farm mimics the shape of the mountain.

The barn is part of a historical museum, complete with an old cabin and several outbuildings, and a lot of farm equipment. It's worth the visit. So is the Parkdale Tavern, with local brews and great food, and this picture-perfect view out the back door.

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  1. I love Parkdale, especially the little pub along it's main street. Heading up your way this weekend to ski Crystal Mountain. :)

  2. I love barns for so many reasons, but only old wooden barns. So photographic and a bit mysterious.

  3. Oh my, what a sight. It looks like I need to get myself out to Oregon again soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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