On the side of a road...

This barn on the side of a county road blended in with the winter sky today. Its pristine metal roof protects a herd of dairy cows, and the 2-story walkway at one end allows the cows to walk from one pasture to another. It's a barn design I've not seen anywhere else, and that makes it one of my favorites.

A couple of weeks later, I woke to clear skies, so grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed south to try again. With blue skies and frosty pastures, the farm looks completely different. It's a difficult barn to photograph because of where it's situated close to a road. Today, I tried a different approach. I parked on the side of the road, opened my door, and stood on the threshold. It gave me another foot of height and let me exclude the road from the picture.

Linking up with the Barn Collective today. Hope you enjoy seeing other barns from all over the country.

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  1. Nice to see the barn on different days. Favorite is the sunny day.
    Neat looking barn.


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