Dawn's early light...

My camera gear was packed and waiting by the door when I went to bed last night, hoping that the weather forecast was right and the morning would dawn clear and rain free.

I was late... the mornings are coming earlier and first light caught me off guard. So I hurried, and my clear morning turned misty, then foggy, the further south I drove.

The fog provided a frame for my favorite farm, and heavy frost turned the pastures white.

I stood and watched as the light grew, shivering in the 25 degree temperatures, then turn to walk back to my truck. And in the pasture across the road, a group of horses walked across the frosty field toward the golden light, the mist rising.


  1. There is something about the second shot here that is just wonderful!

    1. Thank you! It was one of those magic moments, when you just happen to look over your shoulder, and there's the light, and the horses, and the frosty ground. It was beautiful


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