Rain... the frozen kind

At 4:00 this morning, I heard it... the patter of ice hitting the bedroom windows, blown in from the northeast. Bummer. My plans for Friday were set, or so I thought. Freezing rain will derail them. Oh, well.

Yesterday I started going through all of my photographs on my laptop, making sure folders and files were named consistently, before I upload everything (again) into Photoshop. So today I'll keep the fire going, and watch the wind blow, and catch up on Once Upon A Time. On a sloppy wet and cold day, a much better plan than my original.

Best of all, I got to watch Madison play with a twig she stole from the kindling bucket. She batted it all around the living room until it finally sailed under the media cabinet. And she went right in after it. I still don't know how she got back out again.

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  1. We got some of that "frozen precip" on Friday morning, causing a late arrival to work for me.


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