Lately it's been a struggle to find a quiet time to sit and write. It seems as though everything is in a turmoil, perhaps a quiet turmoil, but still... hard to settle down and focus on writing my daily journal.

Here's my life the past three weeks: Interviewing roofing contractors. Interviewing painting contractors. Driving around to look at historic neighborhoods to get ideas for paint colors. Pulling weeds. Dismantling a couple of dozen patio pots and moving plants around. Cleaning out the potting shed. Finishing up a charity quilt top. Evening out with the dinner club. Two evenings in downtown Seattle, one for a meeting, the other for a cooking class and dinner. Searching for a new home for 16 beautiful old double-hung windows that came out of the farmhouse (years before we bought it). Washing a pile of old woolen fabric, turning it into felted wool. Planning a family camping trip for August. Getting ready to spend a few days babysitting a lookout tower. Cleaning out the old chicken coop, which was my tack room for all the years I had horses. A PSE energy audit. A drive around Mt. Rainier on the first day Chinook Pass was open (an annual tradition for us). A long-overdue trip to the dump, dragging stuff out of the house, the garage, and the barn (this felt especially good, except that it was 95 degrees that day, and the old truck has no a/c). A pulled back muscle that benched me for more than a week. And of course, our daily geocache.

No wonder my blog has been neglected, and I haven't even looked at the photographs I took in the garden last week. Or quilted any of the quilt tops I finished so far this year.

The roofer starts tomorrow, and that's a big relief. Getting the painting job started will be an even bigger relief. With five buildings, painting is a big job around here, and it will be good to finally settle on a contractor.

And then, maybe I can breathe again, and get back to my normal life.

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