It was hot before 10:00, but still we rummaged through the house and garage and barn, finding things with no value, loading the old truck until it was full. We had to leave some things behind, an old door that can't be repaired but just wouldn't fit. And lengths of drain pipe that DW just couldn't bring himself to get rid of. I know there's more junk to get rid of, but it will wait for another day.

It wasn't the best day to run around in a truck with no air conditioning. I was wilted by the time we finished at the dump. After wading through fair traffic to get to our favorite pub in Buckley, I thought the gods were looking out for us when we found a parking spot right in front. But no... the gals were swamped and frazzled (kind of like I felt) and their way to deal with the stress was to do absolutely nothing. So we left, headed south away from the madness, and finally found our dinner.

I watered the garden when we got home, and the peonies look as wilted as I feel. Tomorrow will be even hotter, so this may be the end until next year.

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