Language is such fun

I've been watching a lot of British television lately, not sure how that happened, but besides enjoying some wacky British humor, I also learned some new words that we don't share on our side of the pond.

Some terms and phrases I'd heard before, some are brand new, but none are particularly vague. I'm sure we both use words that the other side wouldn't understand at all. The Brits have a reputation for slang, but we Americans have our share!

Theirs | Ours
Trainers | running shoes
Tracksuit | sweatsuit or sweats
Boot (of car) | trunk
Jumper | sweater
Changing gears or changing up | shifting (a car)
Child minder | babysitter
Flat | apartment
Half past (hour) | (hour):30 (half past four vs. 4:30)
Juncture | intersection (road)
Ring someone | call on the phone
Gents | men's room
Car park or "park" | parking lot
Lorry | truck
Hoovering | vacuuming
Ground floor | first floor
First floor | second floor

I'll be adding to this list as I learn new Brit-isms.

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