Reflections... and sunflowers

At times in life I've felt like I was treading water, uncertain about my life, my approach to life. But thankfully, not often. I don't like the way being overly introspective makes me feel. Dissatisfied somehow, like I'm missing something.

Do I consider my life, myself, when I make choices? Absolutely. But I try not to get hung up on the "what if's" of life. My choices haven't always been great, but I'd rather embrace the decisions I've made, and be grateful for the path those choices led me toward... and for the good that's come my way. I've been guilty of just going with the flow, sometimes... but I've also made tough choices, and turned away from the easy path.

Remembering the small, seemingly insignificant choices is one reason I've kept a journal for nearly 40 years. Because I've learned that how you get onto a certain path isn't always because of a momentous decision. Sometimes it's a small thing that ends up changing your life.

Today's photo choice will hopefully cheer up a grey winter day:

Oklahoma sunflowers | Texture Tuesday's Downton Abbey II | Daisy

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  1. Such a beautiful field of sunflowers .... too many to count, like the stars of the sky! Certainly brightens up my cold, gray, wintery day! The added texture is so very nice on it! Enjoyed reading your post ... you also remind me of why I need to keep my journal up to date!


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