Sewing with cats

Anyone who shares their life with a cat (or two) knows the strongest magnet for felines is the sight of their human trying to work on a project. (That and anyone in the kitchen, 'cause that means the possibility of food.)

My latest project took me back to the sewing room, away from the computer for a change. I've been learning how to make tote bags, the perfect project for a cold, rainy winter. I started with a couple of simple bags, leading up to the main event: a custom designed padded "bucket" for my camera and lenses, something I could slip into a tote bag, or the big leather hobo bag I take on trips. (I am not a fan of traditional camera bags.) I'll be writing up my notes soon, and will link to them here.

But until then, I thought you might enjoy Phoebe's favorite place when I'm sewing: right smack in the middle of my fabric and sewing tools.

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