Berries for breakfast

The heat is getting to the blackberries faster than I can pick them. We walked a trail near home a couple of days ago, and one of the best things about the walk was the 200 foot stretch of blackberry vines to nibble from.

DW mowed most of our blackberries last week, but he always leaves a couple of patches for me to pick from. And some of the best berries come from bushes (I use that term loosely) that grow near the house. It's easy to dish up cereal in the morning, then walk out and pick berries to add to the bowl.


The baby buck grazed his way through the flower gardens this morning, and ended up nibbling new blooms and berries from the blackberry vines by the house. I stood watching with my camera in hand, and DW said, "Don't you have enough pictures of deer?" Maybe. Maybe not.

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  1. One of the things I love about summer - fresh berries. We used to have a blackberry bush that grew into our yard from the neighbor's but he cut it down this year...


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