Chaos Pt. 2

Already warm this morning, I climbed into shorts and a tank top and drank my morning coffee on the deck.

We did self-serve breakfast, and were all in the lake by 10:00. Swimming, floating, paddling the canoe, looking for fish from the paddle boat. The kids in their life jackets swam all over, and jumping from the neighbor's new swim float had them in giggles. I think I'm getting a suntan, after just two days... cool!

Oscar went for a swim with dad, then came back to the cabin for a nap.

The deck after lunch, before we headed back to the lake. 

Our 1950's refrigerator hasn't failed us yet (knock on wood). But I don't think we could have crammed in another thing!

Vivian is ready for a paddle with mom, and impatient to get going.

George was patiently waiting for his sister and cousin so they could go fishing, but they got distracted. We encouraged him to go play, so he headed out for a solo trip in the paddle boat.

I was happy on my floaty chair, the twin of my sister's. We floated near the swim dock, talking and watching the little ones jump off into the water. They never got tired of doing it, and we never tired of watching them.

It was a great weekend!

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