We were relaxing on the deck late afternoon, when Jeff and Anna arrived. Our nephew was with us a few weeks ago with the rest of my family, and I was pleased when he asked if he and his girlfriend could come out another weekend.

And did they spoil us? Oh, yes! They were so happy to be at the lake, they wanted to cook dinner for us. They arrived with baskets of food: gourmet coffee from the restaurant where Anna works. King crab and snow crab to boil. Fresh produce from my sister's garden, with greens for a salad, and corn on the cob. And wine to go with it all.

They made themselves at home in my tiny corner kitchen, and even set the table. The food overflowed the outside table, we dug in, and the meal was awesome.

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  1. Oh how yummy! And someone cooked it for you too.

    P.S. I have the same Pfalzgraff plates as you!


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