Favorite days...

Today was my favorite day. Not the best day of all my days, but a day spent doing some of my favorite things, in a place I love.

This morning I woke just ahead of the sunrise, and grabbed my camera as I ran through the woods to the outhouse. The run rose bright red, thanks to the smoke from the eastern Washington wildfires that's blown west in the past couple of days.

I carried my mug of coffee out to the deck, and drank it while I caught up on my journal. The lake was flat calm, and the air was the strangest color because of the smoky haze. I wrote, and sipped, and watched the day come to life.

When I tired of writing, I pulled out my current quilting project. It's a Grandmother's Flower Garden, all hand pieced. It's one of the iconic traditional quilt patterns, made from It's a labor of love, and a test of my hand piecing skills. And it's a quilt I've wanted to make ever since I first learned to quilt.

There isn't a better place to sew than here, on the deck on a summer's day, looking out over the peaceful lake.

When I got tired of sewing around mid-afternoon, Dave brought out a couple of beers and our books, and we sat and read until Jeff and Anna arrived. It will be a fun weekend!

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