Farmhouse bathroom...

After way too many months of ignoring the bathroom remodel, and having way too much fun traveling, this week we're focused on our new farmhouse bathroom. And on the cat search. These are two things I can do at the same time.

Dave added another GFI outlet at my end of the counter, and today I painted the ceiling and walls. I'll paint the medicine cabinet tomorrow. We found the perfect vanity light fixture, with ultra-bright LEDs. The double towel bar is up, and I picked out a white shelf/towel bar to hang over the toilet. 

Next up is to paint all the trim boards: baseboard, door trim, shoe molding, and plywood beadboard panels. I'm going to make a blind for the window, maybe two of them so I can change when I'm in the mood for different colors.

This is the beauty of an all-white bathroom:  the color will come from towels and flowers and things that are easy to change.

Like maybe the gorgeous periwinkle blue of my favorite hydrangea.

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