There are mostly blue flowers in my garden. For some reason, I gravitate to them above all other colors. I try others, like the brilliant whites of Nicotiana, and the pale pinks of Sweet William, and the bright orange of poppies. But I always come back to the blues. Maybe it's because they seem to thrive in my garden, outlasting the others.

This lace-cap hydrangea is hurting in the heat; you can see the dried bits of bloom in the picture. Still, it bloomed, and for that I am grateful. I love photographing this plant; the blooms are so very interesting, and you can't beat the color!

In 1998 I planted a deep blue hydrangea in a huge pot on the patio, and it thrived until this June, when it died in the heat. This fall I'll replace it with another deep blue hydrangea, and amend our acidic soil until it blooms a true blue. But I'm thinking about also planting a white one, just to see if it thrives.

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  1. Lovely shade of blue! Glad you still have some flowers blooming. Mine have all died...


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