Catching up...

The rain has been endless, but we've had some sunshine, too. I don't mind the rain... I'm not ready to tackle the garden yet, and if the weather was good, I'd have to put my quilting project aside for a while. And I'm having too much fun.

With hours spent in the sewing room each day, I've been pretty bad about keeping E|J updated. I still start each day writing in my journal, and sometimes I write last thing before bed. So the words are there. And my camera still goes wherever I go, and I've enjoyed trying to capture sunshine one day, and a monsoon the next. There are puddles everywhere, and trying to photograph reflections is something I'm working on right now. So the pictures are there, too.

I promise that my words and pictures will make it into my blog soon.

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  1. I too am enjoying the rain because that means lots of snow in the mountains!


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