Winter rhodie...

We bought our little farm in fall 1984, just before the worst, longest snow I can remember. It started to snow in early November, and by Christmas we'd received two feet of snow. When the new year rolled around, there was still a foot of snow on the ground. Imagine my surprise to find a rhododendron coming into bloom just before Christmas. I had no idea a rhododendron would bloom that early; I thought they all bloomed in April and May.

Every year since then, this rhododendron has put out just a few blooms, right at Christmas. And a month later, it bursts into full bloom, just about the time we get our winter snow. It's blooming now... I hope that means that snow is right around the corner.

Fingers are crossed.


  1. What an unusual flower! But what a nice gift to have some color in the winter.

  2. That is crazy. Mine doesn't bloom until May or June.


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