I slept in this morning, then we had breakfast with DW's mom. We lingered over coffee and talked about the family, and it was lovely. We did our daily cache on the way home. I liked having it taken care of before noon; it left me the whole afternoon to work on blocks for the second Shop Hop quilt. It's going up on the design wall next to the almost-finished 2004 quilt top, and I like seeing them there. So much progress in just a few weeks gives me such a good feeling!


  1. You sound like me, if that truly is a quilt you started in 2004. I have one of those. I think about it occasionally because it still makes my heart sing. I just don't do much sewing any more. (visiting from Sarah's)

  2. Sleeping in what is that? If I make it until 7 am it is a miracle.


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