Stone house

Running out of milk was a happy accident this morning. It took us out for lunch, to a new place recommended by friends. It's called the Stone House, and both of us remember this quaint building, . Decades ago it was a functioning service station on the shores of Lake Washington, and we drove past it often. It's the prettiest building, with gables and a rock exterior and white trim. And finally its use suits the architecture. The food and the coffee were amazing, and so was the glass-enclosed outdoor eating space, with a great view of the lake and fresh snow in the Cascades.


  1. The perfect place for lunch. I would love to see old pictures when it was a filling station.

  2. Hi, Sarah...

    I was able to dig up a couple of early photos of the service station, which shows how much of the original buildings still exist. I'm always so impressed when people take the trouble (and expense) of restoring old buildings, rather than just knocking them down. This is very valuable property, with its view of Lake Washington, but they chose to keep the buildings intact.



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