Stones from the past...

In my class this week, we're writing about nature... photographing the world around us. When we got home after errands today, I paused to look around the garden, taking note of the early signs of spring. And I saw my dad's paving stone, with moss growing between the stones, and I remembered the church camp when we made these. My dad build a form, mixed up the concrete, and laid out the pattern. And we each took turns choosing a stone to press into the concrete, making the swirled pattern with his help. There were a lot of different patterns; they stayed at the camp to form part of a walkway. But we also made a few at home, for our own garden.

This paver stayed in my dad's garden for many years. And when he passed away, I brought it home to the farm, where it graces my own garden.

And I remember.


  1. I love this story! You have such a treasure to remember those special days with your dad.

  2. What a wonderful memory to have with your dad and something tangible to treasure.


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