My friend, Cathy, has a wonderful blog and an equally wonderful garden. She always shares photographs of what's in bloom, and a few days ago she asked, "What's blooming in your garden?"

So I took a walk around my overgrown cottage garden, with camera in hand.

The pasture daisies are my favorites right now. I spent years digging them up from the pasture, and the shoulders of the roads, and planting them around the farm gardens. They're smaller than the Shasta daisies, but much bigger than the other wild Northwest daisies that you find in the mountains.

When I had a horse to keep the weeds at bay, the daisies bloomed wild and free down the slope to the pond, giving me a perfect view of them from the house. When the last horse went, I always asked DW not to mow the pastures until the daisies had finished blooming.

The campanula are so tall this year, and they've self-seeded themselves in with the bright cerise Rose Campion and the fireweed (which I am determined to eradicate this year, before it swallows up everything). Being able to thrive just about anywhere is something I love about Campanula; it grows under the lilacs and still grows in old beds that I let return to grass years ago.

Lady's Mantle, perennial bachelor's buttons, Veronica Spicata, Sweet William, foxgloves, and the smoke tree are in full bloom, too. Everything is lavendar and purple and pink and white, my favorite garden colors.

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