Foot traffic only...

Our day started and ended in Olympia, with the in-between taken on back roads and trails, hiking to a few geocaches, and to a beautiful lake on Key Peninsula. We didn't even know this one existed; a signpost across from a public landing on another lake gave it away. We grabbed our packs and walking sticks and headed up the steep hill through the woods. The trees gave way to a clear-cut full of foxgloves in full bloom, then plunged back into woods again.

We crossed a creek on a footbridge someone made by laying boards on top of a log jam... a bit creepy but stable enough. If I'd hiked in my Keens I would just have waded the creek. Up one more steep hill and a turn to the right, and there was the lake. Crystal clear and full of fish (and mosquitos!), it was beautiful. We sat on the shore and ate a snack, and watched the fish rise. I wish we'd brought our fly rods; wonder if we could hike in with float tubes?

The best thing, though, was this beautiful marsh created by a beaver dam. It was full of birds and choked with dead trees, and the water reflected the deep blue sky.

We ended the day at Fish Tale Brewing in Olympia, sandwiches and an IPA, talking about our day, and where the next adventure will take us.

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  1. Love those foxgloves! Looks like a great place to hike.


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