Tacos, thunder, and rain...

I trimmed the small 9-patch blocks and put them up on the design wall, where I can shuffle them around until I'm satisfied with the layout. I took the star blocks upstairs with me, to pin while watching Grey's Anatomy. These blocks are a nightmare to get lined up; maybe it's time to stop making stars and go on to a different block.

I set out the t-shirt information to the family, and started getting ready for a trip to Oregon next week for some hiking and geocaching. Just in case there's time, I made a list of quilt shops to add to my phone. It's always fun to visit new quilt shops.

Late afternoon, we went for a walk on the Soos Creek trail, then went to the Sidetrack for taco night. Soft tacos for $1.25, can't beat that.

Once home again, I worked on the star quilt in front of the tv for a while, then we heard it: thunder booming in the distance, moving ever closer. Lightning, thunder, rain all around us... it was a very cool show. Maddie was sound asleep on the sofa, so I pulled her into my arms and she slept there for 45 minutes, which is a record for this little bundle of energy. I went to bed to read, and opened the windows to listen to the storm, but it had passed east, toward the Cascades.

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