In six months...

Madison has grown from kitten to cat, but still hasn't grown into her feet. She tops the scale at just over 12 pounds, and is still growing. Her tail looks like it belongs on a squirrel, and she carries it straight up in the air. Her hair is so thick, you can't see her skin. She can finally jump up onto her cat tower without having to first jump onto a chair... pretty soon she'll figure out she can jump up on the counters; yikes! She sleeps at the foot of the bed, and gets up two or three times a night to check to make sure we're still there. She's changed from a medium-hair cat to a long-haired cat, with long hair between her toes and guard hairs down her back. Her eyes are still amber and green.

Six months ago today, this sweet kitten came home to our house. Everyone thought Maine Coon, but we're pretty sure she's a Siberian. Which don't stop growing until they're five years old. Oh my.

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