Almost free...

Last night I was editing photos and looking for free typefaces online, and stayed up way too late. Midway through, while going through some May trip photographs, I suddenly remembered: it's my birthday, and I was going to get my Lifetime national Parks pass today! Bummer.

This morning, DW woke up and said, "What time do they open?" So off we went to Enumclaw.

Mount Rainier was out, unexpectedly as it was cloudy everywhere else. And the rain we've had down here in the lowlands has given our mountain some fresh snow! We didn't stop, but I snapped a shot through the windshield anyway. This time of year, you take what you can get.

After oatmeal at The Kettle, we did a couple of geocaches in town, then went to get my pass. Ten bucks, and it's good for the rest of my life. Pretty good deal, I say!

We topped off the day by meeting DWs sisters and brothers-in-law for dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant, to celebrate my birthday. This is a new thing for us, but we plan to faithfully meet for dinner each time one of the eight of us has a birthday, just to be together.

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