The Black Canyon on horseback

We visited one of Dee's oldest friends today, and visiting his ranch brought back such a rush of memories. Besides farming, Ron also runs a pack horse service, mainly hauling gear into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison for fly fishing and river rafting outfitters. The fishermen and rafters drive to the rim on a 4x4 road, then hike the last steep mile down to the river. All the gear (rafts, food, tents, cooking gear and so on) is taken down to the river on the backs of horses.

Years ago, on another road trip that led us to this part of Colorado, Dee arranged for me to ride down into the canyon with the pack horses. I rode a cute quarter horse mare, and the cross-country ride to the rim was a blast.

DW met us at the rim in one of the ranch trucks, and that's when we learned that the outfitter cancelled the trip. So we tossed the gear into the back of the pickup, and we all rode down to the river on horseback. The guides rode the pack horses; I can't believe that was comfortable, but they didn't seem to mind. When we rode back up to the rim, Dave and I drove the truck back to the ranch. The guys turned the pack horses loose, and they headed back to the ranch at a fast lope.

Even though I had my own horse back home, and rode nearly every day, this was a thrill for me, and it will always be one of my favorite memories.

Especially seeing my non-horsey husband on horseback. That's something I'll never forget!

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