On the road again...

Traveling in the fall has become something of a tradition of ours. It's my favorite time of year, and exploring the back roads is our favorite way to travel. So I guess it makes sense that I get itchy feet around the end of August, anxious to get going. Anywhere.

Aspens from green to red, high in the hills above Pocatello, Idaho

This year we're headed to western Colorado, to visit DWs cousins and uncle. And along the way we'll geocache, spend time in our favorite place in Idaho, and maybe do some fishing. Make that a lot of geocaching.

Electric | Journal will be on hold while I'm gone, since I won't be able to upload photographs until I get home.

I sure hope you'll be there when I start up again, to travel with me on the road.

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  1. Have a good trip! I'm heading to southern Utah tomorrow.


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