Wild mustangs and jeep roads

Another steep walk with huge views as the reward, and another old geocache for the stats. This time the road was manageable, with just a short climb up to the rock cap that rims this butte. DW scrambled around, looking for a way up to the top, but all he found was that narrow chimney right of the plaque. He decided it was too skinny, too risky. But you can see how very steep this climb was, to get up the slope to the plaque.

On the drive out, we got a look at some of the wild mustangs that live on top of this mesa. When the herd reaches 250, they round them up and cull some horses for adoption. I wished for a better telephoto lens for my pictures.

We drove from Rock Springs to Montrose today, with stops for aspens turning color and gorgeous views and ice cream.

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