We headed home this morning, taking the long way (always my favorite way). A lot of new memories came home with me.

An autumn drive over the mountains, with bright blue skies and towering clouds, and hillsides already turning from green to flaming red and yellow and orange.

Our friends' beautiful new home near Lake Wenatchee, cooking together, drinking wine together, playing Mexican Train until the wee hours.

Wine tasting in Chelan, with dinner afterwards by the lake, listening to live music. Driving back to Leavenworth in the last light of day, that lovely golden light on the hillsides and the river.

A new wine club.

A load of aspen branches to turn into useful items, like polished walking sticks and candle holders and coasters. I'm looking forward to shaping and polishing, on those gloomy rainy days this winter.

The times spent with friends are among the best times of all.

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