Geysers that don't flame

It's been a while since I've been here, to this state park that hosted so many company picnics, so many family picnics. The Green River runs along two sides, and it was always a favorite spot on a warm summer afternoon for a bit of fly fishing.

Today only a few people were there, a few on the trails we walked, a couple enjoying one of the last summer evenings, sharing a picnic dinner on a blanket, on the lawn near the river. We came here to walk, and to find a few geocaches.

The so-called flaming geyser is near the park buildings, and DW remembers coming here as a child, when there was enough methane escaping that you could light it on fire. I prefer the bubbling pool. It's a short walk uphill through the woods, climbing over a hundred or more big tree roots.  Cool trail. We stood and watched the stream flowing past a wood platform, watching for gas bubbles. The grey color in the stream is caused by calcium carbonate settling out of the water. If the water was heated (like the geothermal springs in Yellowstone), there would be vivid colors in the pool instead of grey.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at a little pizza & pasta restaurant in one of the small towns nearby. We walked out to an amazing sunset, a nice finishing touch to the day.

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