Hours on the road...

There's a long drive ahead of us today, with one fun stop: outside Pocatello for a hike up a hill to get one of the oldest geocaches still around. With luck we'll be able to drive to it.

But, that didn't happen. Our four-wheel-drive Tundra made it up the hill, past the water tank, and up the first tricky stretch of rutted road. But we both chickened out at the next steep stretch. So we grabbed hiking poles and grabbed water bottles, and shouldered our day packs for the climb. From the top to the truck (that wee dot in the clearing down below) was just shy of a half mile, and 400+ ft. vertical. I just put my head down and put one foot in front of the other, and made it. It was a pretty awful slog up the ridge, and a decade ago, I think I would have talked myself out of it. But today it gave me a great feeling of satisfaction.

We'll go all the way to Rock Springs, Wyoming tonight. We'll run out of daylight before we get there, but the nearly full moon will keep us company along the road.

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