Depots and sunsets...

Last leg home today. Or it was supposed to be. But on our way east we stumbled across a tautogram trail of geocaches, and since I was working to finish a challenge that required them, once we started finding them, we couldn't stop. We'd been engrossed for a couple of hours (or more) when we found the most amazing-looking antique shop, out in the middle of nowhere. And it was closed. DW suggested we just go back to Long Beach; we were only 30 or so miles away. And check out the antique shop in the morning. So we booked a motel, and a table at our favorite restaurant, and turned back to the beach in time to catch the third sunset in as many days.

The reflection on the wet sand was beautiful.

A black Lab made a beeline for the group of seagulls on the beach, just as I turned my lens toward them. He barked, they scattered. He didn't seem to mind, though. Just ran back to his owner.

The tide was washing up on the beach, changing the pattern in the reflections as the clouds deepened to indigo blue.

In fall and winter, Wednesday at The Depot is burger night. From a slip of paper on each table, you design your own gourmet burger. Beef, buffalo, oyster, or portabello mushroom. Then toppings: choices of several cheeses, and fresh veggies, clam chowder or fries. It's a relaxed, friendly place all the time, but this was even more so. More like a neighborhood hang-out. And the burgers were excellent.

Tomorrow, we'll head home for sure.

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