Golden grass...

The Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway is one of my favorites. The Deschutes River, the lakes, the logging roads that lead to even better scenery. Love it. The dry summer was evident everywhere, but especially in the reservoirs that were pretty devoid of water. But in the absence of water there were acres of golden grass, waving in the breeze, shading from dark to light. Gorgeous.

We turned in at Hosmer Lake for a look at fishing possibilities. The view from the boat launch was so beautiful... Mt. Bachelor reflected in the lake, the blue sky, and the light, oh, the light.

We're coming back next fall to fly fish here, maybe camp in one of the two campgrounds along the lakeshore. And maybe we'll bring our mountain bikes, too. We rode here with friends each fall for a few years, and riding from Mt. Bachelor back to Bend is still one of my favorite rides.

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