Today, we head for home... really! We retraced our steps to check out the much-anticipated antique shop, but it was closed. I suspect the owner was the man out on the John Deere tractor, sweeping freshly cut hay into rows.

I wrote in  my journal as we drove, wincing a bit with my sliced index finger. I suspect there's still a bit of blackberry thorn deep in the cut. There are lists to make... things to do and look up, books to reserve at the library, photographs to edit. Thinking of all the beautiful places we've seen, and days to write about. And photography skills to work on, like sunsets. How to get more color from the sky, more true-to-life color. And reflections. I hope there are places near home where I can get near the water's edge without wading (or swimming). And I'll look for more vantage points for sunrises and sunsets; ours always seem to be the best during the winter months.

My focus the past month hasn't been on E|J or even reading friends' blogs, so I read some of my favorites as we drove, and thought about changes to make to E|J for 2016. I wonder if I can do a daily post next year?

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