North rim...

It's an 80-mile drive from the main side of the park to the more remote north rim, but it's worth every mile. We headed out early, caught the sunrise lighting up fresh snow (the first this season) on the San Juans.

Very cool (and slightly eerie) Needle Rock stands 800 feet above the valley floor near Crawford, Colorado.

The painted wall from the north rim (and much better light today)

Yep, he really did go out there, but it wasn't as dangerous as it looked. Still, I nearly had a heart attack until he walked back to a safer place.

The scrub oak was turning bright red on this side of the canyon.

There was an earthcache here, so Mac the rock-climbing travel bear rode out to the lookout in my pack.

The last overlook on the north rim is also the only place where horses are allowed (except for the commercial handlers, with permits).

My first golden eagle. He was sitting out in the field as we drove by, and when I gasped, DW hit the brakes and turned around. Just as I got the camera focused on the eagle, it took flight.

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