Elk and golf

Talk about a double take! As we drove into Estes Park, we spotted a huge bull elk standing in a yard on the edge of the road, and slowed down to watch. I glanced to the right, and told DW to turn around, now. I guided him back to a side road, watching ahead, then pointed toward the golf course. We found the rest of the herd.

There were three big bulls in the herd, including this guy who was close enough to temp a few guys to walk out onto the golf course. Not a great idea.

This guy was roaming around in a golf cart, trying to herd the elk together and off the course. Good luck with that. When he saw the three guys photographing the bull, he headed their way and tried to shoe them off the course, too. Here he had better luck. The elk just ignored him.

When we retraced our steps, the original bull elk was still grazing his way through the yard of this small house. I love having deer visit my yard occasionally, but I'm not sure I'd like having elk visit me.

All this just strengthened my belief that if you don't want to miss out on these unexpected sights, never go anywhere without a camera.

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