Desert to beach...

Working our way home, after breakfast at my favorite place in Bend, McKay Cottage. We arrived before they opened, so were the only ones there for a while. It gave me time to enjoy the beauty of the architecture without distractions. Craftsman style is my favorite. I love the simple, clean lines, the beautiful millwork, and the built-in cabinetry.

On our way to the ocean, we went hiking in search of a very old geocache, in the hills east of Salem, above the Molalla River. And we drove high up in the coast range of Oregon, until we reached the top of Hembre Ridge. There was once a fire lookout there, but all that remains are the foundation piers, and a stone slab where the entrance steps once were. Mac & I posed with the old cache here, placed in November 2000, the first year of geocaching.

I knew we wouldn't make it to Cannon Beach before sundown, so we found beach access just north of Tillamook and sat on the drift logs and watched the sunset. There was a man with his golden retriever walking on the sand, and a man with his dSLR and long lens, waiting like we were. The beach grass made a beautiful frame for the setting sun.

In the near dusk, I didn't see the bug crawling out on the end of a blade of grass, but the camera saw.

We drove the rest of the way to Cannon Beach just at dark, and dropped our bags at the Ebola Creek Inn, and went to find dinner. Bill's Tavern was recommended, and the food and beer were very good... especially after a day of driving.

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