Up early to make a pot of tea, then went downstairs with my book to spend time with Murphy. Once the rest of the house was up and packing and making plans, we took my bright red MX-5 for an emissions test. It doesn't usually get to go out in the rain, but in spite of that, we still managed to make most of the drive with the top down.

Once we were out, we didn't want to go back home. Dave suggested lunch, and we considered The Mint, but decided to take the back roads to Maple Valley, and have a late lunch at Testy Chef instead.

When we got home, the kids were engrossed in a movie. I finished my book, then took my camera out to look for fall foliage. The dark rainy day did wonders for the bright red and gold leaves.

When I was good and chilled, I came in for warm clothes, then curled up with the laptop to search for free typefaces that look like handwriting. I'm looking for something that mimics my own writing, to use for my E|J logo on photos. I haven't found the perfect one yet, but have found a lot of fun typefaces to try out.

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