I should, but...

It's been a common refrain lately. There are things to do at home, but there are hikes to do and caches to find, and views to chase with the camera. Today over breakfast I suggested going over the pass to do a string of challenge caches high up above Lake Kachess, and see what else we can find. So that's what we did.

It was cloudy today, so there weren't any wonderful views. the last time we headed up this road, we didn't get far before being turned back by deep snow. The snow is gone now, and we were able to drive all the way to the Rampart Ridge trailhead, one of our favorite hikes. Today we didn't do any hiking, just stopped to enjoy the wildflowers and the views before working our way back down to I-90 and home.

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  1. Yep, I say the same thing. That's why my house continues to be a mess. Summer is fleeting and there are hikes to do!


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