The weekend starts on Tuesday...

One thing I love about retirement is that the word "weekend" has no meaning anymore. Saturday and Sunday are just two days of the week. In fact if anything, they have a negative meaning now. They are days to avoid if we want to head out and do anything.

Caching trips and photography trips are best on those five days in the middle of the week, sandwiched by Sunday and Saturday, when most folks are at work. And this week was no exception. With three days free in the middle, we hatched a plan to head north on the back roads toward Baker Lake, up on the North Cascades highway, then to Bellingham for a couple of nights.

The day was filled with lots of geocache challenges to find, logging roads to explore, wildflowers to photograph, and views to appreciate. And then a relaxing evening at our favorite brewpub over a pint of Cabin Fever, then a Reuben sandwich and Caesar salad.


  1. Ah...I dream of the day when I retire and can do things midweek rather than fight all the weekend crowds.

  2. Perfect! Five day weekends! I hope to get to that place some day.


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