Unwelcome guest...

Last night I dreamed that the shelter gave Madison to another family, and she ended up in Nebraska. A rude awakening that scared away any chance of sleeping in.

We're on the last leg of our little road trip, and will be home tonight. This morning, after a big breakfast, we backtracked along the Columbia to Hood River, then crossed the river and headed up the Klickitat River canyon (taking the time to explore a couple of side roads along the way). We grabbed a few caches, and just a few miles from Goldendale, stopped near one of the new bridges and looked for a cache near a big fir tree. I walked around the tree once, then started looking under branches and rocks. As I reached for a big rock near a strand of old barbed wire, I did a double take when I spotted a tiny snake, six inches from my hand, coiled up against the tree.

I squealed and backed up, and made a beeline for the Pilot. "I'm done!" I yelled in DW's general direction. But when I got there, I thought maybe I'd take just one photo. If I stayed back and used the telephoto, that should be safe, right? So that's what I did. I grabbed the Nikon and tiptoed back toward the tree, and shot the snake's picture. And the snake just watched.

Thank goodness.

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