We found a hidden neighborhood above Maple Valley today, full of really nice big homes on large lots. It gave us access to trails that run all the way to the bluff overlooking the valley and the river. Some of the trails are old roads; maybe dating back to when the area was dotted with coal mines. We had quite a nice morning of hiking there.

Once home, I went to Trader Joe's then went downstairs to quilt. DW mowed the fencelines in the front pasture, then mowed several wide paths to give me access to the tansy (and the blackberries once they're ripe). When I finished pulling tansy, I pruned blackberries and looked for branches to build a rustic fence like the one in my sister's garden.

We finished up a tiring but satisfying day with dinner at the Irish pub in Kent, fish & chips and an IPA. A relaxing time, until the very loud (and drunk) 20-something brunette arrived with a group of friends. Fortunately, we were done eating, and could leave. The wait staff and bartender looked like they wished they could leave, too.

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