On display...

Last March I joined a quilt guild, my first. Then I joined another. It's such a pleasure to spend time with other people who share my interest in quilting. Today we're setting up for the annual quilt show which starts tomorrow. I didn't have a specific job, but got there early in hopes of being able to hang the quilt entries. That worked out well!

My favorite spot was the display of antique quilts and sewing machines, and all the crocheted aprons, pot holders, and doll clothes strung across the top. My mom made a lot of potholders, and wore them out to threads. But there were a few to keep, and I buy them when I can in thrift and antique stores.

The show starts tomorrow, and I'll be here early to shop in the bazaar... there are fabric pre-cuts in my favorite colors for just a couple of dollars.

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