A horrible attempt at making raspberry oatmeal bars for DW, who has been asking for them for weeks now. The preserves from fresh raspberries didn't work at all; wish I'd used store-bought jam. I ended up with a nice batch of runny sauce; maybe I'll buy another container of raspberries to crush up and mix into it. Or a jar of jam to stir into it. Anything to get it thick. Tomorrow I'll deal with that.

Late morning I started another little quilt, tiny blocks with a diagonal strip down the middle.
We walked the Soos Creek trail this afternoon, then did a cache in Fairwood, then home for chicken and our favorite cabbage soup.

While I watched tv with Dave, I pulled fabrics from two jelly rolls for a couple of quilt kits. It turned into a late night for me... I just couldn't stop playing with fabric!

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