I haven't written in Electric | Journal recently, and I'm nearly a month behind. I have taken my camera out and about more, and we had a great mini-holiday in Oregon last week. Lots of geocaching, lots of photography, and lots of exploring some new back roads. But I do feel bad about turning my back on my blog.

My days have returned to something approaching a routine. The early morning is for sewing, with a mug of tea by the machine, and a cat stretched out in the windowsill. Once DW gets up, I cook oatmeal and we have breakfast, maybe watch a bit of television, catch up on e-mail, and I read my friends' blog posts from the previous day.

In the afternoon, I bring up a stack of quilt blocks to pin, and the next morning I sew. It's become a comfortable routine, something I've been craving for a while now.

The quilt I'm working on now will go up on the wall in the living room, I think. The center of the quilt top is done (after a lot of struggle getting the star blocks to play nicely with the 4-patch blocks). I just need to choose fabrics for the narrow and wide borders and get them attached, then I'm ready to start hand quilting. I think the colors will be perfect with the area rug and the new chairs.

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