Fourteen in 2014

I'm playing along with this brainchild of Kim Klassen:  to jot down a list of fourteen things I'd like to see happen in 2014. I firmly believe that writing them down is the first step to achieving any dream, so here goes:

Discover more of the country through the lens of my camera
Take a long MX-5 road trip with my honey
Do as much fly fishing as possible, in as many places as possible
Spend more time with family, especially my beautiful nieces
Volunteer at the local historical society
Eat healthier and exercise more
Smile more, and learn to let go of things outside my control
Be a tourist in my own town, and visit the local landmarks I've never seen
Ride with Jessica, and rediscover my love of all things horsey
Work on my photography bucket list
Take a quilting class... maybe even join a quilt guild
Frame my photographs to hang in the house and the cabin
Write more letters... the old fashioned way
Take one of Kim's Photoshop Elements classes

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