Goodbye, Phoebe

She reached the end on Monday... nearly 18 years of age, a good life. She came into our house as a rescue cat, and became the instant alpha cat, straight to the top of the heap over Tigger (an equally small brown tabby), Annie (a huge calico), and Muffin (the matriarch). Dave fell instantly in love with this lanky, athletic Russian Blue cat, and was the most hard hit by her death.

Phoebe | May 1996 to December 30, 2013

We will remember her strong personality and insistent meow, her feats of grace and strength (jumping up to the top of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets comes to mind), and her antics... leaping four feet straight up in the air when startled, or endlessly chasing the laser dot of the cat toy. I will remember this beautiful and loyal cat who followed me wherever I went, who loved to lie down on the keyboard as I worked, and whose favorite spot was on the back on the couch, with her front paws and head on my shoulder.

We will miss her.

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