Discover... a new winery

Our friends have been raving about this little winery they discovered in tiny Plain, WA. It's close to their weekend getaway, so that made it even better. They even joined their wine club. So we were definitely intrigued. And since we were planning to spend a few days with them over New Year's, we made sure to check it out.

Plain Cellars is a nice, inviting place with great reds, a friendly owner, and beautiful artwork (their daughter is very talented). The only thing missing today was the winery dog, who was up at the house with the winemaker.

It was a great place to spend some time on a chilly winter's morning. Jules and I admired the artwork and the cool cork-covered birdhouses, then joined Dave and Jim at the tasting counter and sampled their very good wines... and joined the wine club. We're particular about our reds... so this says a lot. It will definitely be a stop on our next visit, along with Plain Hardware and the Old Mill Cafe.

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