For me, 2013 was a wonderful year, full of contentment and exploration, with lots of family time and time with friends, time at our rustic lakeside cabin and our almost 100-year-old farmhouse, time on the road, exploring the back roads and the scenic wonders of the Northwest.

2013 was:

The first full year of retirement.
The year of dSLR ownership (but the fifth decade of shooting with an SLR camera).
A great year for family, especially lots of sister time.
The year of multiple road trips through the Northwest (but not enough time in my MX-5).
A year focused on creativity, with lots of quilting and sewing projects.
The sixth full year of writing a blog, one of the most satisfying parts of my life.
The year I finally learned the joys of fly fishing.

So for 2014 I've chosen "Discover" as the word to guide my journey. It just seems appropriate for me. I love how you can can discover a completely different view of the world, just by looking at it through the lens of a camera. How you can improve your eye for photography by looking at a beautiful photograph, trying to figure out how they shot that scene. How you can discover a completely different view of the people in your world, by looking at them from a different perspective. How you can take a close look at handmade goods and figure out how they were made... and how to make them differently, to put your own special touch on them.

So this year my goal is to pay extra attention to all that's new and unique in the world around me, to discover the beauty... and always making sure to look through the lens of my camera. I'm looking forward to the journey.

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