Make me smile

James the cat headed for bed before us last night, to claim her favorite spot between the pillows. She doesn't have to fight for the place anymore, now that she's the only cat in the house. But habits die hard, and her wanting to be in this place made me smile.

Here are some other things that brought a smile to my face today.

Knowing that "weekend" is no longer in my vocabulary.

Lovely, misty, winter rain, the clouds lying low over the hills.

The huge woodpecker that claimed the log suet 
feeder, to the dismay of all the small birds.

The big stack of new quilting books waiting for me at the library.

The sight of mothers with pre-schoolers at the library,
sharing their love of books with their kids.

Smoke rising from the chimney as I came home, and
knowing the house was toasty and warm on this rainy day.

My quilting studio with all those lovely fabrics, just waiting for the next project.

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